Monday, January 19, 2009

Plantinga Ch 5: "Vocation in the Kingdom of God"

This chapter of the Plantinga book related very well to “Learning in War-Time.” Plantinga covers many of the same points which Lewis covers in his essay. He also talks about serving God in all aspects of life and at whatever we are doing. There is to be no division between what is sacred and what is secular in our lives.

It was good for me to read what Plantinga says about the importance of which actual career we choose. He stated that while it is important to choose something for which God has fitted us well, our vocation and our career are not one and the same. What is most important is not that we have picked the perfect career for ourselves, but that we are serving the Lord in all aspects of whatever career we have. This especially spoke to me because I have often wondered if my choice to become a doctor is exactly what God wants me to do with my life. I feel that God is calling me into medicine now, but what if this changes later? I also wonder which field of medicine I will be called into. This can become a huge source of stress for me at times. Reading this helped me to realize once again that I need to continue in my studies for now while I feel this is where God wants me, and put the rest of my life in his hands. I need to remember that in whatever I end up doing as a career, I can glorify God and help to bring about his Kingdom.

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